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# Danicoin Wallet
This is the graphical user interface for
[Danicoin](, the best cryptocurrency ever.
## Building
There are currently no pre-built binaries available for Danicoin Wallet. To
build it on Ubuntu Linux, let's first install all dependencies:
sudo apt install git build-essential cmake libboost-all-dev qt5-default
The next step is to download the source code for Danicoin Wallet and Danicoin
git clone
cd danicoinwallet
git submodule init
git submodule update
We are now ready to build the wallet:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
When the build is finished, the only thing left to do is installing it to
/usr/bin so you can easily run it from the terminal:
sudo install danicoin /usr/bin/
## Running
Running Danicoin Wallet is as simple as it gets - just run it from your
It will use the ".danicoin" subdirectory of your user directory to store its
data, including a full copy of the blockchain. If you want to change any of its
settings, you can pass them as command line arguments. To find all available
arguments, execute:
danicoin --help
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