Commit 5f70bbe7 authored by Klaus-Uwe Mitterer's avatar Klaus-Uwe Mitterer

Add install option to Makefile

parent faa41acd
all: all-release
mkdir -p build/debug
cd build/debug && cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../..
build-debug: cmake-debug
cd build/debug && $(MAKE)
test-debug: build-debug
cd build/debug && $(MAKE) test
all-debug: build-debug
mkdir -p build/release
cd build/release && cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../..
build-release: cmake-release
cd build/release && $(MAKE)
test-release: build-release
cd build/release && $(MAKE) test
all-release: build-release
rm -rf build
ctags -R --sort=1 --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q --language-force=C++ src contrib tests/gtest
install: build-release
cd build/release && install danicoin /usr/bin
.PHONY: all install cmake-debug build-debug test-debug all-debug cmake-release build-release test-release all-release clean tags
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